When Maria speaks – the room dazzles as though all the lights were just turned on.
Robyn Te Velde, formerly Robyn David

Her performance on the evening of the event was exceptional.
Terrie Baxter JP
Immediate Past President of POWERtalk International

Maria has the unique ability to completely engage with an audience expertly tailoring her style, presentation and delivery to a particular target group.
Solveig Dewhurst BA,MA (Journ) MICT
Universtiy of Wollongong

On the evening Maria compèred the event with poise, eloquence and a great sense of humour. Her personable character and sensitive people skills bring a vivacious, experienced presenter whose versatility would easily translate into any situation.
Julie Pinazza
Orchestra Manager

WIN Wollongong Symphony Orchestra

All the team loved her, and more importantly stepped up their teamwork considerably after her session.
Patsy Peacock
Managing Director FBI Recruitment

There is no doubt that the graduates from Success Arena are highly motivated and have a skills level that give Property Services Training Company a 95% success rate
Andrew Bryson, Managing Director
Property Services Training Company Limited

Since I finished this course six months ago, I have re-entered the workforce, found the motivation to lose 35 kilos, saved a couple of thousand dollars and moved into a very nice house.
Fernando Sanchez

I have never seen a course that has such a positive impact and outcome for the clients
Claire Purcell, Job Placement Officer
Work Ventures Redfern