For the last five years Maria Arena has been creating and hosting courses for a Federally-funded initiative designed to assist mothers receiving CentreLink benefits in returning to work.

Success Arena works under the principal that there is an unfulfilled requirement to help all women who are considering either joining the work force for the first time, or returning to the work place after taking time away to raise a family.

We understand that even for long-term professionals, the job market can be a harsh and unforgiving environment to rejoin.

Success Arena’s extensive knowledge and experience can provide you with multi-faceted and multi-level preparation to help you step back into that overwhelmingly competitive professional zone with confidence.

Our four day course includes developing marketable resumes, effective cover letters, interview skills, motivation, confidence building, work life balance and job searching techniques.

And the proof is in the pudding; a recent course resulted in 90% of participants now in sustainable employment.

In uncertain times increasing your earning capability is a must, so don’t wait any longer - Get Back to Work Girls!