Success to me is about embracing the challenges that each and every day brings my way with as much vitality as I can muster. A successful day to me is one that generates a simple sense of personal contentment … more often a result of good humour, acceptance, courage and love.

As a mother of five daughters and having been totally dependant on my husband for my living, in 1996 I was faced with the daunting prospect of having to re-enter the workforce while maintaining my role as a mother.

Armed with no formal qualifications other than that of ‘mother’ and ‘wife’ – I set out on the journey of survival that lead to a remarkable new chapter of my life – where I emerged as a career woman.

My professional training qualifications now include accreditation as a Life Coach, Professional MC and Event Co-ordinator.

I have worked in a variety of fields, and after managing a hospitality venue for eight years I discovered that my passion was to motivate, inspire and energise others to succeed.

I am a people-person, I love an audience and feel alive with a microphone in my hand. I like to bring a natural warmth and energy to everything I deliver, from motivational training to personal and career coaching and event engagements.

I have managed and MC’d many high profile events, large and small, for major organisations and charities including Credit Suisse, National Institute of Accountants, RAN Hydrographic Service, Australian Paralympics Events, Wollongong Art Gallery,
City Mission, Centacare and Variety Club.

I love life and fortunately enjoy excellent health. I am a very energetic person and place great importance on personal fitness. I indulge the ocean and swim everyday all year round, while I continue to study better practices both personally and professionally. I am very passionate about everything I do and enjoy every minute of it all.

The journey is never ending.